Learn the science behind overspeed training and become the go-to expert on speed, ground force, and counterweight training for your students.

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SuperSpeed Certification

SuperSpeed Certification

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Purchase the Certification Bundle and get exclusive access to a SuperSpeed Live!  Certification Workshop! With access to all three levels plus a live, in-person workshop, you can become the ultimate expert on speed. Through this online certification you will learn the science behind everything SuperSpeed Golf. Start with just level 1 or purchase all three levels for access to exclusive SuperSpeed Live! events. For each level you pass, you will receive a customized certificate of completion.

We cover the history of overspeed training, coaching applications, business strategies, junior development, and in depth biomechanics. This certification uses interactive learning to provide you with comprehensive learning experience. Get SuperSpeed Certified now!

This bundle is for access to all SuperSpeed Certification Levels (1-3) + an invite to a Certification Workshop. After purchase you should receive an email shortly with a link to the workshop registration page that has info on workshop locations and dates.

Certification Workshop Dates + Locations

  • February 20th @ North Texas PGA
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We performed a swing analysis of one of the SuperSpeed Live Workshop participants.




- Better understanding of OverSpeed Training (What it is and Why it is important) - physiological changes, why speed/distance are important.

- All of the products offered by SuperSpeed to help golfers gain speed

- What things affect distance (basic introduction)

- How to utilize speed training in your own practice and coaching

- Specific information regarding the first phase of speed training

-Business practices to help you as you implement SuperSpeed training


- A more in depth look at the physical aspects that lead to speed gains.

- Training phase 2 details and drills associated with level 3 and 4.

- How to utilize multiple speed training tools (Clubs, force pedals etc.) together. also how to train for speed over time

- Speed training in special populations including junior, senior and female golfers.

- Some of the most common questions and answers related to speed training.

- Growing your business with speed training


- Deep dive into Ground Reaction Force, how it is measured, how we use it in a golf swing and what is the result of speed training.

- Analysis of Rotational Sequencing during the golf swing. How we measure it, what should we be looking for and how can we train to improve.

- Look into lag and wrist mechanics and what really is important to the golfer and what can we do to improve.

- How do the impact physics of the ball and club alter distance and accuracy.

- Training phase 3 and associated drill positions

- Long term coaching, how you can become a speed expert.


Once you have purchased the level 3 certification or the certification bundle, you will have access to to attend our SuperSpeed Live! Certification Workshop. Mike Napoleon and Dr. Tyler Standifird will help you put what you have learned into action in this full day, hands-on experience. We will feature live analysis of 3D force, grip strength, dynamic grip pressure, and all of our SuperSpeed Training Tech. Choose any workshop from the list and sign-up today!


North Texas PGA - February 20th


How do I access the course once I purchase?

Our course is hosted through a third party site called Easy LMS. Once you purchase, you will receive an invitation email to create your account and get access to the level(s) you purchased. You can access the course from any device that has a web browser. If you don't receive your invitation email after a few minutes, and it's not in your spam folder, please reach out to

How do I register for a SuperSpeed Live Certification Workshop?

If you purchase level 3 or the full certification bundle, you can attend a workshop! Once you purchase level 3 or the whole bundle, you will receive an email with a link to register for a workshop location of your choice. Space is limited, so register as soon as you can!

I have an Easy LMS account from purchasing level 1. Why didnt I get an email notification when I purchased level 2 or 3?

If you already have an Easy LMS account from the first level you purchased, when you purchase new levels, you will not get a new invitation email. Just make sure you use the same email when you purchase each level, and those new levels will automatically show up in your Easy LMS Academy when you purchase. If they are not showing up, please send an email to and we would be happy to assist you!

How do I access the resources?

You should see a separate "course" in your Academy dashboard labeled "Resources". This section is where you can find all the protocol visuals and training resources you may need, as well as any resources to help you successfully market speed clinics. If you don't see the Resources section in your Academy dashboard when you are logged in, please send a screenshot of your dashboard and your question to


Upon completion of the certification, you are eligible for continued education credits for the associations listed. Please follow the instructions below to submit your credits.


1 MSR credits per level

Submit your certificate with your PGA member number via email to for approval.


5 CPD points per level (15 for all 3)

Submit your certificate via email to upon passing the test for approval.


0.25 ACE credits per level (0.75 for all 3)

Go to your MyACE page on the MyPGA website and fill out the ACE Credit form to submit your credits.


25 points per level (75 for all 3)

Submit your certificate via email to upon passing the test for approval.


2 CU’s per level (6 for all 3)

Submit your certificate via email to upon passing the test for approval.



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