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When I first started working with this system I topped out at 110 MPH. When I turned professional last year, I topped out at 114 MPH. Rededicated myself to the system and now I top out around 117-118 MPH. Can't wait to break the 120 MPH barrier!


My golf instructor, Reece Bartelt told me about SuperSpeed. I bought them Spring 2019 but, honestly I didn't follow the protocol(s) nor did I have a swing radar. I bought a 'Sports Sensor Swing Radar' from Amazon since I never did more than a 3-4 of weeks, at times missing 1-2 sessions, I started protocol over in January 2020. I completed all 6 weeks of protocol Friday, 2/15/2020, tracking my results in a spreadsheet.

End of the 1st week my results were, green: 106 mph, blue 101 mph, red 98 mph.
End of protocol 1 at 6 weeks my results were, green 123 mph, blue 120 mph, red 114 mph.

Considering the red club is 5% heavier than the average driver and the blue is 10% lighter, I believe I can reasonably expect a MAXIMUM of approximately of 116 mph with average speed of 112 mph. If this is my plateau I'm very happy with the results if not, I'm thrilled!


- Trent

Like many recreational golfers age plus physical wear and tare on my body and sadly a failure to keep up with my fitness had taken its toll so that as I moved into my 60’s my handicap had soared from a solid 1 to a lame 8 with the prospects of moving into double digits on the horizon, if I didn’t quit first. Not particularly long for my ability in the first place my driver swing speed had dropped from the mid 90’s to the lower 80’s and along with the distance loss came a great deal of inconsistency in ball striking. 

I did attend to my fitness by enrolling in a program through my work insurance. Even though I lost over 40 lbs. I gained very little clubhead speed back and had resigned myself to moving up to the senior tees and living with it, until I read an article about SuperSpeed on My Golf Spy. Before I could purchase the system, I was given the opportunity to test it out through that same website. 

Being a tester meant that I had to diligently follow the SuperSpeed protocols and after a short period of time, six weeks or so, I found that they worked. My driver swing speed had moved to the high 80’s and my ball striking was improving. Around the 20th week I had another “jump” and got up into the 90’s on average. Suddenly I was having playing partners ask how far I had hit that last one. I did slack off in training that year during the summer heat in Florida but picked back up again last winter and was sure to train throughout the summer this past year. 

Thanks to Kyle and the entire SuperSpeed crew. They have always been responsive to questions asked, willing to look at swing videos to make suggestions, excited about yardage gains and encouraging through long plateaus where seemingly nothing was happening. This system works, it only takes an investment of three half hour sessions per week and as we’ve seen on the PGA tour this summer, increased distance leads to lower scores. My handicap index is back into the mid 4’s and what is more, I can play to it. Holes that had become driver, fairway wood are now driver, 7 or 8 iron again. 

I would highly recommend the SuperSpeed system to anyone looking for that elusive ten more yards. You might find even more than that. 

- Kevin

Pull up the video online and be consistent 3 times/week. My 12-year-old used the Junior Set, once-or-twice/week, most of the time, for seven months. Increased swing speed 13 mph. Wish there was more consistency, but, now about to go over 100 mph, had no problem spending the money to purchase the Adult Set. Make sure to do a good warm up, before going all out with the sticks.

- James

Turned 50 and lost some swing speed. Im a 5 handicap and just wanted to get the ball in the air again with the driver and irons. Im not a gadget guy because I typically believe hard work and good fundamentals is enough but you cant fight Father Time. I used these for a couple of weeks and immediately saw the ball going further and higher off my driver and irons. Im hitting the ball as far as I did 10 years ago. My swing speed has obviously increased though I do not have a swing speed monitor as recommended. But I know Im out driving my buddies and thats good enough. I finally told two of my buddies about these after they commented on my distance. Both purchased it and both have gained distance. Well worth it!

- Herb

Works like advertised. I gained 4 mph within the first 3 weeks, after 6 weeks I went from 93mph to 100 mph. Im continuing to practice with them - not sure how far I can get. Positive side effect: your entire seingplain gets longer - I guess you loose blockades with the non dominant side in your body. I feel better while stretching and I see on the video that my swing is longer since I started using them. Great product an I think it works as advertised but it is also no miracle. So don't expect to hit it 300 yards after 4 weeks... but when you stat with solid and realistic expectations you will be happy with this product!

- Alex

I am 8 weeks into the SuperSpeed Training System. The past two weeks I played golf with temps in the 30s and hit the ball 20 to 30 yards further than I normally hit in good weather on my home course. Last time out, I reached 3 of the 4 par 5's in two. I hadn't done that in years. I'm 68 and have had 4 back surgeries, including a triple fusion. To gain that kind of yardage at my age is remarkable. To use the product, you need a lot of room and a high ceiling unless you live in a very warm climate year round and can do the drills outside. Fortunately, I have a high ceiling in my rec room and when I'm out of town, I use the hotel gym to do the exercises. They are pretty intense and taxing. They take 30 minutes, not the 10 that are advertised. But I'll say this, if you put in the work, you'll get paid. Highly recommend this product.

- William

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