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Independent Golf Reviews: SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

REVIEW: SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid - SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid addresses where speed is created by training your body to swing faster.  Their creative 3 club system will train you how to create more speed on every swing. Read the full review HERE. Read More

Club Fitting for Speed with Bryan LaRoche Webinar

Check our latest webinar with Club Fitter, Bryan LaRoche @BryanGolf
Throughout this webinar, Bryan gives the insights you need to know about getting fit for clubs while gaining speed and how SuperSpeed plays a role.
Read More

The Science of Speed: Fitness For The Fairways podcast

On Episode 87 of the Fitness For The Fairways podcast, Joe sat down with Kyle Shay and Michael Napolean, the founders of SuperSpeed Golf Read More

Me and My Golf Podcast Featuring SuperSpeed Golf

Piers managed to gain 3 mph in club head speed in 6 weeks by using the SuperSpeed OverSpeed training system! Piers is not alone as over 700 touring professionals and 1000’s of golfers of all levels all around the world have improved their speed and distance off the tee!  Read More

Plugged In Golf Review of the PRGR Launch Monitor

Read this though review of the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor from Plugged In Golf founder Matt Saternus. It is an important tool for those working to add club head speed.  Strong accuracy when measuring speed.  Affordable. 
Read the full Review HERE. Read More

TeeTalk Podcast Ep. 99 - SuperSpeed Golf

In this podcast, the TeeTalk crew from discusses the origins of Overspeed training with our very own Ryan Robillard. Click here to listen. Read More

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