Senior Golfers See a Big Impact with Speed Training

47 Senior Golfers under the instruction of Ron Gring at Terravita Golf & Country Club in Arizona participated in a 6 week speed training group class utilizing the SuperSpeed Golf overspeed training set and the PRGR Launch Monitor.

Average age of the participants was 70.3 with a youngest of 58 and an oldest of 89. Swing speed increases were seen in all 47 of the participants

How a PGA Tour Player Gained 20 Yards

Piers Ward from Me and My Golf helps European Tour winner and new PGA Tour pro Aaron Rai's make some serious speed gains using SuperSpeed golf as an integral part of his training regimine.

We couldn’t be happier with the gains that Aaron has made and are very excited for the future of which SuperSpeed is very much a big part of.

Independent Golf Reviews - PRGR Launch Monitor

"If you get to the range once and while, compare clubs from time to time or have limited resources, the PRGR Launch Monitor might be the perfect solution. It is low cost, simple to use and is rather accurate at speeds and distances. It certainly can’t compete with the full featured Launch Monitors on the market, but at the price point and features it isn’t trying, it is offering something simple that most golfers can benefit from: accurate club distances."

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