Training Protocols

SuperSpeed Golf's training protocols are progressive and designed for each swing to be made at maximal intensity. We recommend everyone start with the level 1 protocol regardless of experience level. For optimal results, we recommend training 3 days a week with one full rest day between sessions.

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Level 1: Start here! Duration: 6 weeks

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Level 2: Begin Week 7. Duration: 8 weeks

If you feel any pain or discomfort while performing the kneeling swings modify the drill to standing with your feet together. 

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Level 3: Begin Week 15. Duration: 12 weeks

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Level 4: Begin Week 27. Duration: 22 weeks

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Level 5: Begin Week 49. Duration: Ongoing

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Maintaining Speed: Once you have completed a level, just one session per week performing our level 1 protocol is enough to maintain that speed gain. If you wish to add more speed, progress through our protocols as shown.

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