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PeeWee Set

PeeWee Set

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[short_description]Designed specifically for beginning junior golfers ages 5-7, the SuperSpeed PeeWee Set brings great fun to the process of maximizing athletic potential. Coupled with our SuperFun! Protocol, we are able to introduce speed and power training to kids at one of the most influential times in their physiological development.

Whether on their own or in an organized group program, kids will have tons of fun learning to jump high, run fast, and swing a golf club with maximum speed!

Bundle PRGR below with the set and save $49.99 off regular price!

Now included with every 3 CLUB SET: 

  • One FREE Online Lesson From The Golf Room Everywhere ($129 Value)
  • A Video Series Made By Kyle Morris From The Golf Room Everywhere ($199 Value)



    What’s in the Box?:

    • SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” Pee-Wee Training Club, 30"
    • SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” Pee-Wee Training Club, 30"
    • SuperSpeed Golf Red “Heavy” Pee-Wee Training Club, 30"

    Purchase this set if...

    • 5-7 years old and/or using a driver length 32 inches or less. 

    Feedback is a critical part of success. Consider adding a PRGR radar to track your speed gains this season. 



    SuperSpeed Set Swing Speed Driver Shaft
    Mens Set > 85 mph > 60 grams
    SuperSpeed C Players Ages 14 + > 43 inches
    Senior Set < 85 mph < 60 grams
    Ladies Set < 85 mph < 60 grams
    Junior Set Players Ages 11 - 14 < 60 grams
    SuperSpeed C Junior Players Ages 8 - 14
    All-Star Set Players Ages 8 - 11
    PeeWee Set Players Ages 5 - 7
    LongDrive Set Long Drive Competitors
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