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Family Set

Family Set

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The Family Set is perfect for households that have men, women, and/or seniors training and can share a set, or for coaches who see a variety of students on the lesson tee. If a player uses a standard men’s driver, then we recommend they train with the SuperSpeed Golf Men’s set. If the player uses an ultralight driver, we recommend the Ladies/Senior sets.

  • Gain Speed, Distance and Consistency.

  • Includes 4 specifically weighted clubs for men, women, and seniors.

  • Years of online training protocols included on our training site.

  • Save when you bundle with Tracking Tech.

We highly recommend having speed tracking tech for the family or to track your student's speed gains, if you're a coach, so that they get direct feedback and you get data to save as well.


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The SuperSpeed Golf Training System uses overspeed training to help you increase your swing speed. Coupled with our robust online training program, overspeed training is the fastest way for anyone to increase swing speed.



OverSpeed Training takes a known motion like the golf swing and speeds up the reaction speed of your muscles when you make the motion. This works by using clubs slightly lighter than your driver, reducing the dynamic resistance of your swing, and allowing your body to move much faster than normal.



Unsure if you need a men's or a women's set? Not sure if the PRGR is the right tech for you? We've got you covered. Take our "Build Your System" quiz and get personalized recommendations to build the training system that is right for you.


How do I access the training protocols?

Our full training program is available at Register a free account and get access to our full program.

Is there a guarantee I will see an increase in speed/distance?

As with any training, you will get out of speed training what you are willing to invest. We have seen hundreds of thousands of golfers get speed gains with our SuperSpeed Golf Training system. The training will take about 15 minutes, 3 days a week.

Will this affect the technical aspects of the swing?

Studies have shown that starting an overspeed training program will not only increase your swing speed, but also the athletic efficiency of your golf swing. Most players will see an improvement in consistency and ball flight as a result of these programs.

How do I know which clubs to use with certain students?

Have them use the men’s set (green, blue, red) if their driver weighs greater than or equal to 60g or they have a swing speed greater than 90mph. Have them use the senior/ladies set (yellow, green, blue) if their driver weighs less than 60g or they have a swing speed equal to or below 90mph.

How can I do group clinics for my students/members?

We offer Speed Clinic Training packages that have everything you need to get you booking students into your clinic and making up to $700/hour. Find information on running speed clinics here.