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SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter

SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter

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Grip strength deficiences can cause many issues with the golf swing and are very hard to detect. Use this digital dynomometer to test, monitor and track your grip strength over the course of your speed training sessions.

Bundle with our SuperSpeed Squeeze and save $20.

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The SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter now gives you a way to track grip strength gain accurately. This Grip Strength Meter easily fits in your golf bag or gym bag for testing grip strength whenever and wherever you're training with the SuperSpeed Squeeze.


We identified grip strength as a major need for many golfers after discovering that PGA Tour players tend to have significantly more grip strength than amateurs. We searched the science, found a major problem, and have created a simple solution with the SuperSpeed Squeeze.


Do I need to measure my grip strength?

Usually while training grip strength during speed training you will start to see increases in speed due to increase in grip strength, but using a dynamometer is a more accurate way to track improvement.

How does it work?

The SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter is rechargable, and reads your grip strength by squeezing the handle as hard as you can and giving you an output in kilograms.

Can I measure my grip strength without training with the Squeeze?

You don't need the SuperSpeed Squeeze to test grip strength with the SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter, but if you want to increase grip strength and increase club head speed, we highly recommend bundling with the SuperSpeed Squeeze.