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Ground Force Speed Bundle

Ground Force Speed Bundle

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The Speed Training System of Choice for Padraig Harrington, 3x Major Winner and 2024 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee.

  • Gain speed, distance, and consistency.
  • Includes 3 specifically weighted clubs and a pack of 4 force pedals.
  • Years of online training protocols included on our training site.
  • Bundle with the PRGR Launch Monitor for major savings!

Choose your appropriate set and then add the PRGR in your bundle to save even more.

Choose the men's set if you use an X, S, or R flex driver and/or swing above 90 mph. Choose senior or ladies if you use an ultralight driver, or senior flex or ladies flex shaft and/or swing below 90 mph.

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Dr. Tyler Standifird of Utah Valley University tested players going through level 1 SuperSpeed training protocol and measured ground forces before and after the training. He found an average increase of 18% in peak vertical force production. He also found that players created this peak vertical force sooner in the downswing, making this force work better in creating speed. Overall, Dr. Standifird found that SuperSpeed Golf helped every player in the study use the ground better in the golf swing.