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About SuperSpeed

At SuperSpeed Golf, we believe in the transformative power of speed training. Through meticulous research and product development, we’ve introduced a system in 2014 that has helped hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide over the past 10 years. We are committed to continually refining our programs and providing the number one speed training solution in the golf industry.

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OverSpeed Training Set

Our OverSpeed Training System is designed to speed up your nueromuscular system by firing through the golf swing with 3 spefically weights clubs - 2 that are lighter than a driver, and 1 that is heaver than a driver.  

PRGR Launch Monitor

The PRGR Portable Launch Monitor is easy to use and gives instant and accurate feedback with our with ball contact. The PRGR Launch Monitor Measures swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry and total distances.

SuperSpeed App

COMING SOON! The brand new SuperSpeed App allows golfers to build a comprehensive speed training plan tailored to their individual fitness and performance levels. New products, new protocols, more speed.

SuperSpeed C

The SuperSpeed C Club is counterweighted to help golfers train maximum arm/hand and release speed in their golf swing. Use the SuperSpeed C Training System on its own or in conjunction with the original SuperSpeed Golf Training System.


We developed the Squeeze to allow golfers to easily train grip strength with a direct application to the golf club. The Squeeze is a firm rubber grip that fits on any clubs for simple and effective training with our grip strength protocols.

Grip Strength Meter

Use SuperSpeed Grip Strength Meter is to test, monitor and track your grip strength over the course of your speed training sessions. Easily fits in your golf bag or gym bag for testing grip strength whenever you're training with the SuperSpeed Squeeze.

SuperSpeed Tour Ambassadors

Padraig Harrington

“I am excited to officially work with SuperSpeed as I want to continue to create more easy speed with my swing. A lot of people think it’s all about speed which is very important but what it is really about is having speed in your comfort zone while playing. SuperSpeed has been in this game the longest, they’ve built these programs, they have the experience, and they’ve done the research. If you don’t have speed, you are behind the 8-ball and giving up a lot.” - Padraig Harrington

Nanna Koerstz Madsen

LPGA Tour Winner

Cheyenne Knight

2x LPGA Tour Winner

Cody Blick

Korn Ferry Tour Player

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Speed Clinics

Are you a golf professional looking to build your business around teaching speed? Try our turn-key speed clinic business model.


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