The Hackers Paradise PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

The Hackers Paradise PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

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"PRGR offers a more budget-friendly entrance into the launch monitor space, and after spending some time with it, there are quite a few things that have impressed me, starting with the hardware. This launch monitor is compact, and for comparison’s sake, it’s smaller and lighter than my iPhone, which means it easily fits in my pocket. We get a larger screen for the updated 2021 model (HS-130A), making reading the data a bit easier. Below the screen are the only four buttons you will find, and each one gives a satisfying click when compressed. 


Another thing to like about this launch monitor is that it is straightforward to set up and use. Set this behind the ball anywhere from 3.5 to 5 feet, and that’s it; get ready to have some fun. Some things are worth noting when setting up this launch monitor. Ideally, the area would be relatively flat when testing on a grass range, but when hitting off mats, you might feel the need to use a booster to make the monitor more even with the ball. The flatter the lie, the more consistent the data readouts will be, and the less time you will experience that shot that didn’t get captured."



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