Swing Speed Training Basics - The Step Drill

Swing Speed Training Basics - The Step Drill

The Step Drill is a fundamental piece of the SuperSpeed Golf Overspeed training system. Included in the Level 1 swing speed protocol, we believe it's one of the most important drills! The step drill combines overspeed training and transferring weight in your golf swing. If you're serious about gaining more clubhead speed this drill is one to master. 

A properly sequenced downswing begins with the lower body; a move most amateurs struggle with. Many average golfers initiate the downswing with their upper body leading to slices and pulls, fat and thin shots, and a loss of distance!  The step drill is designed to force you to start the downswing with your lower body leading to improved sequencing and more power/speed in your game.  The video below provides a detailed breakdown of how to complete the step drill. 

Frequently asked questions about the Step Drill in SuperSpeed Training:

Keep in mind that results will always vary from player to player. Use these answers as a guide to help identify where  power leaks may occur and how you can solve them using this drill.

  • What speed should I see with the step drill in relation to my normal SuperSpeed swings?
    • It is common for players to swing 3-5% faster while doing the step drill compared to their standing swings.


  • What does it mean if my step drill swings are slower than my normal SuperSpeed swings?
    •  If your step drill swings are slower than your standing superspeed swings you may have an opportunity to increase speed by optimizing the way your lower half including pelvis moves during transition. Players who have slower step drill swings tend to have an upper body dominant swing and the step drill can help improve your overall sequencing which will often translate into more Club head speed


  • What does it mean if my step drill swings are faster than my normal SuperSpeed swings?
    • If your step drill speeds are faster than your standing swings then that is telling us that you were using your lower body properly while completing the step drill. Great job keep it up!


  • How do I know if I'm doing the Step drill correctly?
    • Please review the video below to confirm if you're completing the steps drill properly

Potential pitfalls for completing the Step Drill:

  • One of the most common pitfalls while doing the step drill is players do not start the step motion soon enough. Please use the video below as a reference and make sure that you start taking your step as soon as your super speed Club passes your front foot.
  • When you make your step forward ensure that you transfer enough weight into your lead leg. Players who struggle with the step drill often do not transfer enough weight onto the lead leg or hang back on their trail leg when they make the step. 


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