PRGR Launch Monitor Review - Independent Golf Reviews

PRGR Launch Monitor Review - Independent Golf Reviews

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"Everyone wants a Trackman Launch Monitor for the price of a dozen ProV1s.  While that may be a bit of an exaggeration; the rise in interest in personal launch monitors is real and the price point is one of the biggest factors.  How much are you willing to pay to have technical details about your clubs?  How many details do you feel are necessary to know about each club or ball you play?  I can’t decide for you the value those numbers have to your game; I can tell you that a TrackMan Launch Monitor costs around $20K while the PRGR costs around $200.  So how do they compare?  Clearly they aren’t in the same category, but you might be able to get what you really need at a fraction of the cost."


The PRGR Pocket Launch Monitor is exactly that; a celphone sized launch monitor that displays information about each shot you hit.  Set-up is very quick, with just the push of the on/off button.  You can select your club and start hitting shots.  Placing the launch monitor a few feet behind the ball on the target line will allow you to hit shot after shot and get immediate numbers on the range.  The LCD screen is big enough to see while standing over it and in bright sunlight has sufficient contrast to make it easy to read.  Shots are stored and you can scroll through each club and shot to see all the information.  (It also can be used sports when placed on a tripod.)


A Launch Monitor is considered an investment in your game.  What kind of investment do you NEED to make depends on numerous factors.  If you get to the range once and while, compare clubs from time to time or have limited resources, the PRGR Launch Monitor might be the perfect solution.  It is low cost, simple to use and is rather accurate at speeds and distances.  It certainly can’t compete with the full featured Launch Monitors on the market, but at the price point and features it isn’t trying, it is offering something simple that most golfers can benefit from: accurate club distances. "


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