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Do golf shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force?

The SuperSpeed Golf team decided to test one of the most common questions we see about equipment: Do golf shoes make a difference in speed production? We headed to Dr. Tyler Standifird’s Lab at Utah Valley University to go through a series of testing to see if we could get an answer.

Ready to increase swing speed?

In our Golf Shoe Performance test, we saw great results from players wearing Sqairz VELO shoes and completing our Level 2 Ground Force protocol (coming soon) which uses our OverSpeed Training System and Force Pedals.

Get the shoes proven to increase your club speed up to 4.2 mph and carry distance up to 16.9 yards.*

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Named among Golf Digest's Best Golf Shoes of 2024, trusted by Tour legends and world-class instructors, and loved by thousands of golfers around the world: SQAIRZ is the #1 choice for golfers looking to perform at their best.

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Increase club head speed 5% - 7% with Golfs #1 Swing Speed Training System**

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Our system gets your golf swing firing fast with the lightest club, then re-introduces the load with our medium club. By the time you are swinging the heavy club, your motor pattern is firing faster than ever.


We have 5 levels of free online training. Each training session only takes 10-15 minutes. We recommend training 3x a week for optimal results.


Use the award winning PRGR Portable Launch Monitor to track your club head speed during speed training. The PRGR also measures ball speed, carry & total distance when hitting a ball.

* Full Shoe Performance Study here

** SuperSpeed On-Course Study here 

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