MyGolfSpy SuperSpeed Member Testing: Final Results

MyGolfSpy SuperSpeed Member Testing: Final Results

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"Whether the relationship is correlative or causal, increased distance and lower scores are inextricably linked.

And whether the topic is biomechanics, flexibility, sequencing or anything else, the common denominator is speed. As in swing speed.

Though the market now features a variety of relatively similar products, it’s fair to suggest SuperSpeed created the mousetrap upon which others are trying to improve.


A quick refresher. SuperSpeed Golf believes its OverSpeed training system has benefits for any level of golfer. The basic premise is that every player can access more speed than he/she currently has because of how our brain receives and communicates certain information.

In plain English: Swinging a training stick faster than normal causes your brain to remember this faster speed—even start expecting it."


"Part of how we evaluate equipment is by putting products in the hands of everyday golfers. Then, as always, we let the data speak for itself. Last year, we selected nine testers to try the SuperSpeed system. After the first six-week session, every tester experienced some level of improvement. That’s not particularly surprising. When you start to train your body differently, an initial honeymoon or shock period typically produces a positive experience.

The real question is: What, if any, ongoing benefit can SuperSpeed provide?"

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